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This guide gets you quickly up and running using Oracle Database XE by creating database objects and a simple SQLgt ALTER USER hr ACCOUNT UNLOCKStarting from Oracle 8 you can just type password ALTER USER scott ACCOUNT LOCK -- lock a user account ALTER USER scott ACCOUNT UNLOCK -- unlocks aHow to unlock Oracle user account. Heres how to lock or unlock Oracle database user accounts.For security reasons, if users of these systems are logging in over the network, Oracle Corporation ALTER USER ltusernamegt ACCOUNT UNLOCKHow to Unlock the Account in Oracle. A user account can be locked by an expiration of a password and can be unlocked with a command.Im trying to figure out why my application is unable to unlock a users Oracle account successfully.The easiest way to configure PHP to access a remote Oracle Database is to use Oracle ALTER USER username IDENTIFIED BY newpassword ACCOUNT UNLOCKIn this simple tutorial i will show u how to unlock an account in oracle easily. if u use cmd u must first write these commands to use cmd as sqlplusOracle 11g Database makes the conversion of existing PLSQL code into web services easier than CONNAS SYSDBA ALTER USER anonymous ACCOUNT UNLOCKAlter user to lock or unlock the account : Lock Unlock AccountUser PreviliegeOracle PLSQL

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